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Senior eSports League

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Besides fame, glory and great prizes, you also win important points for SEASON 1


What's in store for you?

Many exciting, fair and challenging Leagues and Weekend Cups. All points earned in these Leagues and Weekend Cups count towards SEASON 1.


You get to play against peers and like-minded players in teams or as single players. In order to participate in the Leagues and Weekend Cups you first have to register on the member page.

As a member you have access to our forum and can exchange information about the current League and Weekend Cup topics.

Senior eSports Code of Conduct

Our vision at Senior eSports is to make eSports accessible to adult male gamers. Gaming has been with us since childhood, so gaming, like us, has grown older. 


With age comes responsibility, both in real life and in gaming, so we at Senior eSports would like to offer a gaming platform where we play together as gentlemen. 


The Senior eSports Code of Conduct provides you with the basis for all activities within Senior eSports. Both online and offline.


The Code of Conduct is broken down into:



That's the main reason why we're all here, competing against each other. Having fun playing games!



Be nice to each other and show respect to your opponent. Be friendly to Noobs and take part in tournaments if you have registered. No shows = No go's



Always try to win even if it seems hopeless! We all pursue this spirit together, but remember, always remain fair. Cheaters are excluded.



We have all achieved and accomplished a lot in our lives, pay respect to this and treat each and every player fairly and according to the ethical rules of society. Racism has not lost anything at Senior eSports!